Interfront is a global technology solutions provider and solely focuses on the Customs and Border Management business sphere. Our solutions are proven to spur economic growth and facilitate trade, whilst mitigating risk to the borders of a country.


We are backed by recognised and esteemed key associates such as the South African Revenue Service, Together our industry relevant experience is invaluable. Our clients benefit from our holistic approach to modernisation and our experience in delivering large scale modern Customs solutions.


The world changes daily and Customs agencies are defined by those changes, be it shifting trade and travel trends, to complex socio-economic and political realities in our interconnected world.
At Interfront we ensure that we are on top of those trends and changes and we constantly re-focus and customise our innovative software solutions.

Connected Borders

A connected world needs seamless borders. We know that Customs authorities have weighty responsibilities and face multiple challenges. Watch our video to discover how Interfront can help address these challenges.

Clients and Partners